(image: New Ink Drawings
Works from fall 2021 and spring 2022

Good Times

Chiaozza, Mariano Ching, Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, Gary Gissler, Rachael Gorchov, David Kramer, Danny Licul, China Marks, Mark Mann, Karen Marston, Phunk, Huston Ripley, Elin Rodseth, David Sandlin, David B. Smith, Sue Stone

Owen James Gallery
, April 1 – May 27, 2022

 (image: Björn Meyer-Ebrecht receives a grant from the Frederike Sanders Taylor StudioProject Fund.

December 2020

Gorky's Granddaughter:

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht in conversation
with Zach Keeting and Christoper Joy

February 2020, 42 Minutes