Exhibitions: History

Friday, December 19, 2014; 7 – 10 pm

Studio Salon with Hiroshi Tachibana

I would like to invite you to a salon that I am organizing in my studio this coming Friday, December 19, 2014. It is a one-night show in collaboration with my friend, Hiroshi Tachibana. Hiroshi is a painter currently based in Tokyo. This fall he attended a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, and in the following weeks continued his work in my studio while I was traveling. Hiroshi will show work from both the Vermont residency and a new triptych produced in my studio. While working in my space, he was gleaning images from drawings and collages, and photographing them, as well as taking family photographs at my home, which he incorporated into his paintings. Read more ...

1182 Flushing Ave, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11385 (map);
Contact: 1.917.865.9609
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January 31 to February 23, 2014 — STOREFRONT TEN EYCK presents

Osamu Kobayashi
Björn Meyer-Ebrecht

Project space: Olivié Ponce

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht and Osamu Kobayashi share an interest in abstraction and geometry, an investigation that takes place within the vocabulary of their respective practice. Both artists reference the tradition of Modernism and react to its totalizing reductivity. The results are pure, logical and graphic--work that can be appreciated for its clarity and elegance ... > See press release.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 31, 6—9 pm

324 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
t: 1.917.714.3813
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Sunday, December 8, 2013, 12—6 pm — FOURTH FLOOR presents

"This, Then, That"

First, one form, and then another. So it goes in this show of work by five artists exploring relationships between existing objects and attendant new forms. Uncertain and unstable boundaries, dependencies, and support are all at play. The very concrete and the abstract mingle closely. Specific architecture, printed text, bound books, ambiguous language, and the everyday urban environment are treated in sculpture, drawing, photography and forms in between.

Exhibiting Artists:
Danielle Webb, Amy Barkow, Greg Simsic, Lynn Sullivan, Björn Meyer-Ebrecht

This is the first in a series of shows using spaces whose common function is given over for another. We present This, Then, That in an apartment, an everyday private space given a public function for the afternoon.

559 Grand Street, Fourth Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211
t: 646.382.3164
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